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    Thank for shedding some light on the situation for me. However, even with running this over .140, I could not get BBM 5.0 on my storm. I am just going to go back to running this over .191.
    aight bx...if you want to try the 230 java with the 140 sfi follow the directions dave stated earlier in this thread...:

    If you truly want to TRY (and I emphasize the word TRY) running the .140 .SFI with .230 apps, what you want to do is this:

    - install .140
    - run the hybrid installer, but point it to a dummy directory, i.e. C:\TEMP
    - go to the C:\TEMP folder, copy and paste the "Java" folder into the "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\<OS NAME>" folder. When it prompts you, tell it to Copy and Replace with the newer files
    - run apploader as usual, and cross your fingers through the first reboot

    notice the part about pointing the hybrid to a dummy directory...that way you will not be replacing the 140 sfi with the 230 sfi. then just paste the java from the dummy directory to the os on your pc...then select replace.
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