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    Quote Originally Posted by rasputin View Post
    forgive me, as I'm sure you thought of this also. I've noticed there are a bunch of new app permissions, something about camera shutter one of them. Is this old news? Or could it fix something?
    There are new app permissison, but I restored from an old back up

    Quote Originally Posted by Acutepsychosis View Post
    Hey man, if the camera isn't working due to a factory setting that cannot be changed by the end user, it might be saved when you backed up your phone with DM... if you haven't already, try to just restore your phone with a .ipd from before you started messing with the .cod's and maybe it will restore the setting.
    See above post lmao... e I tried your idea and No joy. I am at a loss i have tried installing .75 and restoring defaults as well. So i guess no biggie jsut really really lost lmao

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    Reading this, it just brings one thing to mind:

    Remember, it's VERY rare for software to cause a hardware failure (unless of course we're talking about overclocking software) - it COULD be the case, but this is more likely just an unfortunate coincidence.

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