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Thread: storm prl?

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    Quote Originally Posted by duramaximized View Post
    no the phone is working great on alltel, i am still with them , but the phone was/is verizon everything works great except when i travel away from home cannot roam on the other providers and have data with a 30035 prl only
    While the Storm is a global phone VZW is still in its infancy in terms of global roaming. I have traveled to many countries with my Storm and always seem to have problems with it no matter what PRL I have. My solution was to call VZW and unlock the SIM card so that I get a local one. That is why when I travel overseas I always use T-Mobile. Hands down they are the best for global roaming.

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    Ok a little update on this. Used cdma workshop the latest version and the program says the prl is updated with the new one that i load, but the phone still shows a prl of 1 only. I think maybe the prl is loading and on the phone even though it says different. Havent traveled on other towers yet but will soon and will post my results.

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