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    tough news my man. Be strong....have faith and you will be guided. Glad to have you back.

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    Hey there Mike,

    Being paralyzed from the chest down & having my left arm amputated at the shoulder from an accident just 19 days after my 20th b-day (and now 40yrs old) I can relate maybe more than most. For me it was like being a baby with a fully functioning brain (ok, some doubt the brain part...) and the process was/IS that of what it takes to continue on in life (assuming that is your choice of course).

    I add that last comment because one of my closest friends said that they could not live the way I had to. As odd as it may seem, the fact that ONE person had the guts (there are ladies here, so guts it is) to say that, it was a huge feather in my cap so-to-speak. Absolutely EVERYTHING lifestyle wise had to be relearned from a physical standpoint. Some emotionally too (maybe more than I realize). Out of the many people I had known, no one took my accident as well as I did but this person and I are still close to this day and it feels good to do what seemed like so many wouldn't feel they aren't able to do.

    My point is, it's your life and you will have to figure out what works for YOU. Personally, being treated like a baby in the hospital, I wound up leaving AMA (against medical advice) still unable to even lift my head off the bed (couldn't use a pillow yet, too thick for comfort). Example: I told my doctor I was leaving (after speaking it over with my family) and he said "We'll talk to you mother about that." and I replied, "I'm over 18 and am leaving today!" While this was somewhat a mistake as I had to teach myself how to dress myself (including tying my shoes, clipping my fingernails, shaving etc. with one hand) it gave me more drive than I was given from the hospital staff. So if you now need something to help you in your daily life, big deal... someday most people are going to need some sort of help. Don't sweat the small stuff. Good advice given to me... Never put "what if" into your thoughts. If I though what if I fall getting out of my waterbed (another thing the doctor said I'd never sleep in), I'd still be in bed! :24:

    Out of everyone I knew/know, only THREE treated & still treat me as though nothing had ever happened (while still being supportive without the form of any sympathy).

    Having said all that. The accident was my fault (motorcycle accident... although I held a roadracing competition license & rode well it was the wrong place), my gear, friends, EMS & ER staff (wish I remembered that helicopter ride darn-it!) and A LOT of luck saved me. Another good thing is that I'll no longer dance like this anymore :1244: and I think people appreciate that!

    Downside, I can't ride anymore. :17: Any worse yet... I've gone from to :22:!!!

    If you ever need someone to talk to, PM me & we'll swap numbers! hone:

    I'm not a religious person :no: but I'll be thinking & hoping the best for you. And BTW, it took me almost a year to become even slightly active (I blame that on coming off the motorcycle at about 135mph though). :banghead:


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