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    what's tha
    Quote Originally Posted by watkins View Post
    you know you can just's all the same thing
    in the end everyone would get their message but isn't owning a berry all about doing things in style? wouldn't it be nice to open up your BBM app and send a message to one of your contacts who doesn't own a berry and have it show up and the convo be stored just like one of your bbm convos? RIM could also possibly be looking at sending these messages through their servers which would mean that they would be sent using data instead of through the carriers.that is just a thought and would probably run into heavy resistance from the carriers.anyway i hope this is coming in later builds of 5.0 because i think it would be a very nice feature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by watkins View Post
    you know you can just's all the same thing

    If you look at the video I posted you'll notice the SMS he sends has his BB name and not his phone number (much like AIM). This tells me they are using Data packets to send the SMS through there servers.

    Also, I'm not sure there would be a way for the phone to decide what SMS goes to the SMS message center and what ones go to your BBM if they were sent/recieved through the phones number only. I would think it would have to be one or the other or both??

    Guess we wont know for sure until we can test it .....
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