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    Quote Originally Posted by MePascal View Post
    Okay Striker…I have not tried this personally so I wanted to tell you this up front. Don’t panic..we will figure this out.

    Mass Storage issues? (Here's the fix) -

    So download the file BB storage Activation new.rar. It will be a zip so after the download is complete extract the files. Frome the way I’m reading things, there will be three files in the extraction. One of these files will be a .bat extension. So from this point connect your device to your PC then double click the .bat file and a DOS cmd window will pop up. Press any key when prompted to then wait for your device to completely reboot.

    So as your device is rebooting your PC should recognize the device once your splash screen boots on the BB. If it does not simply unplug then plug the BB in again and see if the PC recognizes your device.

    Standing By…..
    That fixed it Michael! Program worked real slick. Your the greatest. I'm beginning to think that there is no problem you guys can't fix. Cool!

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    Michael is the man, Glad you got it working my friend. Problem solved, thread closed

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