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    I run iHeart radio during my commute through the week. I'm a talk radio junkie so iHeart had the best format IMHO for that. So...with my 9530 and an unlimited data plan ($30.00 VZW/RIM), I can stream all the radio I like. The downside is that if I'm using the cordset through the aux jack and a call rings in, I have to disconnect the 9530 from the aux. If I'm running it through the BT, the T505 will announce the incoming call and wait for my action to either accept or decline the call. If I accept the call, I can carry on the convo hands free through the BT and listen to the call through my trucks audio system. hone:

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    which one? I've lost count!
    Let me check!
    Quote Originally Posted by Neolantis View Post
    I couldn't find it when I looked there I said though my brother got it there so it comes down to when they are carrying it too. I will look online too.

    10 bucks is really a great price for what we use it for.
    Hey Neo, I found it to at my local wallyworld. It was in the auto section, not the electronics section and yes, $10.00. It works great! Thanks for the help!!! Goodbye Sirius! :banana:

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