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    edge and # * numbers problem with 9530

    I have a verizon 9530 bought it from the usa, im currently using it in Honduras with tigo, the cell phone is inulocked, but whenever I try to dial some service starting with # or * it redirects me to a usa call, and the other thing is that I never can get EDGE, but this only happens with tigo, I dont have any trouble with digicel or claro, but I really need to use with tigo, any help would be very appreciate

    pd. I did search on the forum but with no luck, just see some guy with similar problems using airtelus in india but i couldnt found an answer

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    Hello ssentinel,

    - From your dial pad type ##000000 and press SEND.
    - On the first line where it says "Mobile Directory Number" erase what is there and type your phone number including area code.
    - Also on the second line erase what is there and type your phone number including area code.
    - Push BB Button and save and your device will automatically reboot.

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    i have verizon 9530 brought from usa, the problem is that i am unable to use BBM service actvite through vodafone it show edge in place of EDGE ,plz suggest for this error

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