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    Quote Originally Posted by olta777 View Post
    Sometimes it does go whacko...and that's when fun ends

    yea i wouldn't be very happy if that happened to me i have WAY to many apps to lose them :knockedout:

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    Whatever leaks or hybridized

    There is a way to combine 3rd party back ups

    The link is not available right now because Crackberry is down, but what it essentially entails is:

    1. The first time that you back up, you will get a snapshot of loading instructions called the (your pin).alx file and the cod 's to the 3rd party apps.
    2. Each time you 3rd party back up, you'll have another alx file with updates to your last alx file and cods.
    3. You'll need to text edit using notepad the updates from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th... alx 3rd party backup file into your original first one, and copy the cod's into the same folder.
    4. Then when reloading, point back to your 1st alx file.
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    Jwacton, thanks...I think we need to create a thread on this or add it to the existing 3rd party app back up thread.

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