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    i was considering installing v6 of cm's OS v6. I"ve never done a OS and was curious to see if it would even work on the alltel network. I won't have to worry about it long because as of July 11th I will be a verizon customer


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    which one? I've lost count!
    Let me check!
    I was with Alltel officially until Sunday when the final leg of the merger in my area took over. I have loaded all of BBC's hybrids to date successfully. I purchased my storm on ebay in March and had no trouble activating it. If you are still with alltel and you need to contact customer service, do not tell them it is a storm, or they will not help you. Tell them it is another bb model that alltel uses, and they will help you.

    Since Sunday, I have had internet issues and was thinking it was the OS. I had v6 90 loaded before Sunday and had reboots, so I replaced that with v6 148, I was still having issues, so I loaded the 132 radio file and I am still having internet issues. I think I am going to call VZW tonight and see if they can help. I have not had these issues up to this point. After everything I have changed, it may be VZW and not my OS. I will post anything I learn.

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