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Thread: Storm Memory

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbcrackman View Post
    Welcome to BlackBerryOS dmcshanog!!!
    Simplified, improper termination of programs, processes allowed to remain active in the background, memory allocation management by the OS. Some OS's managed this better than others. Which is one of the many reasons people opted to use prior releases. The Hybrid v1 improved many of the operating deficiencies of .114. The Hybrid v2 is designed to address the issues that remain.
    Quote Originally Posted by painlessone View Post
    When you talk about memory leak, are you looking in options/memory/ application free memory space? What makes the memory space decline during the day?
    all of the things mentioned above, for example:

    If you hold your bbkey down for 2 seconds you will see all the programs running in the background.
    some you cannot close but others you can. anything you put on the phone after the original install, just be sure to close them with the bb key each time you are done

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmanuel552 View Post
    Does anyone know about docs to go for the storm premium edition if so pm me need some advice.
    Hi there mmanuel552,

    What exactly were you wanting to know about Docs-to-Go?

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    I have 50mb after a pull with all the apps installed in my sig.

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