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    storm 9500 locking/unlocking button


    I have just inherited a blackberry storm 9500 and the lock/unlock screen button seems very temperamental. Some times it works first time and sometimes it can take up to 10 presses to unlock the screen.
    Is there any fix or other way of locking/unlocking the screen. I am very new to blackberries as always had nokia's so any help will have to be basic as don't know my way around the phone yet !!


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    Why don't you use a security code or password as a screen protector? This way you just need to enter the code and the phone will be unlocked without pressing the unlocking button several times.

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    There are a few apps that will allow you to press a icon to lock your device and then enter a code or a pattern to unlock. This will allow you to lock and unlock your device without ever touching the lock button.

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    thanks for the replies, have now set a password :-)much easier.

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