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    Quote Originally Posted by mrZoSo View Post
    I remember that index bug being there from almost the start, especially with Voice Notes not even showing but where there, and could only get to them by exploring,,heh
    As far as the music index, doing the battery pull without deleting the .dat file, has all ways fixed it for me so far.
    Yeah it sure is weird that someone hasn't addressed it a long time ago? Thanks for your feedback on this though, like I said, I fixed the problem but only for the existing hidden files. I'm sure it's gonna do this again.

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    Well i got it to reindex for me!!... i been having this issue everytime i add new ringtones... it seems to bump older ones off the list even though they are still on the card, and some of them still set for individual IDs. I pulled the card, browsed and deleted the BBthumbs.dat file... replaced the card, and when it finished scanning... all ringtones are back in the list... It seems to do this once u go over 40.. or so thats MY case.. now i have 56 showing in the list. ( yes i have a shit load of ringtones... but they ALL rock... )

    Thanx for the tip guys!!

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