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I did get both of our Storms unlocked. When I saw the two for one deal at Verizon I thought it was a great idea to get my daughter a Storm. I knew she was going to school for a short time in Buenos Aries and could use a global phone but I didn't realize that Verizon's voice rate was $4.99 a minute. I did get her a Personal Argentine Phone card with about a 100 minutes prepaid. I just want to make it as easy as possible for her to use it. She will have a phone card for land lines also. I guess I am just another over protective father that wants to make sure every thing will be great for her.
This is why I like this forum, people like me can get a straight answer without all the bull.
Thanks Again
Anytime. I will tell you your daughter will have a blast in Buenos Aires. It is one of my favorite cities.