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    Replacement for Roxio on the Desktop!

    I noticed while fighting with the Roxio in my DM that they will sell you a real one for 69 bucks. I have seen Missing Sync and Salling out there as well. I use Windows. I actually use my Storm like an IPOD but need a much better media manager. Recommendations?

    Thanks! How I love V 4.....:cool2:

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    I have started to use DoubleTwist to sync my media to my Storm:

    Sync, Play & Send to BlackBerry, PSP, iPod, iPhone with doubleTwist

    its pretty great - not perfect, but better than Roxio. A couple of things:

    1.Be sure to enable "Auto Enabled Mass Storage Mode When Connected" otherwise DT won't see your media card

    2. You can't choose to sync only New files, so if you have TV shows (like me) You have to create a folder (I call mine "Currently watching") and I copy everything I want on the phone in there - then I delete them from the folder when I have watched them, and DT Syncs and removes them from the device. This is a bit confusing, but I think you will see what I mean when you start using it.


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