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    Quote Originally Posted by coolbikeman View Post
    My contract for my Storm 9530 with Verizon is almost up. I have the unofficial OS on my Storm. I don't like doing unofficial/hybrid installations as it is always hit or miss as to whether I get it installed correctly. I know most of the posters on this forum love to do these installs, but I would much rather have an official update. There has been no official upadated OS's for quite awhile now, and it doesn't look like RIM or Verizon is worried about helping to improve the 9530 for users that don't like to spend money all the time uprading to the newest phones, hoping that they will work like they want. The 9530 was my first BB and experience with Verizon. Even though my phone is working better than when first purchased, it still is very frustrating and slow at doing the things I use it for.

    With my experience with the Storm, I will more than likely not even consider a BlackBerry on any carrier in the future. It just doesn't seem like they are able to close the technological gap and surge ahead of the competition. So, I will probably jump ship and go back to ATT and use my old Motorola Razor phone and save money on the required data plan and start getting my roll over minutes back:irked:
    I have installed hybrids and straight OS's. I prefer Straight OS. I also had my first experience with blackberry and verizon. I bought my first blackberry as a 9530 on Verizon last year. (I was previously on a Razor v3i with Unicel) I would never go back to the razor. It just can't do the things my BB can. I love EVDO over GSM. I like my 3G most everywhere I go (Unlike ATT). I agree with you the S1 had a rough start. I fortunately had mine replaced enough that they upgraded both of my S1's to S2's. The S2 is what a S1 should have been. I love my S2. Unfortunately the S1 is nearly a 2 yr old phone. It has had its updates but the device its self is out dated and limited as far as memory. The 9530's are phased out with most carriers. As the S2's will be when the S3 emerges. I hope for you that verizon and RIM are waiting for BB6 OS release. RIM has a focus on business users and they now are focusing their efforts to cater to their other fan base- everyday joes like myself. It may be too little too late to pull users but to blackberry's over the android world but I have confidence that RIM will get with the program. they are show promising updates but at the cost of newer devices. Which even in the non-smart phone world is common. (I'm like you. I stick with my phone until it quits lol) I sympathize with you about you situation. I was lucky with getting S2 at N/C. I hope you reconsider when RIM releases its new OS and some promising devices. Read up on the S3. There's a few threads about the device. here is one that is really good.
    If your contract is nearly up then you should be due an upgrade. Good luck on you decision.

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    9530 Movement for Change

    I comfortable with it :-)

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