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    Quote Originally Posted by jonnydunski View Post
    well shoot!!! i wish there was a VZW tech that could help me out!!!
    It's actually a security issue (to release the PIN) and wouldn't be something that VZW would directly handle. Anything dealing with the PIN needs to be escalated to RIM; but if VZW decides the call needs to be escalated there is no charge (calling RIM is usually an expensive proposition). The eBay seller will need to contact VZW, who will then connect him/her to RIM (usually via a 3-way call). Once this happens, the PIN will be able to be activated.

    Again, the PIN isn't controlled by VZW, it's controlled by RIM. So even if a VZW tech were willing to risk their job and do it for you directly, there's no way they actually could. The person at RIM is still going to need to speak with the person the PIN is currently registered to.
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