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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave12308 View Post
    I was sort of sticking to your line of thinking until about an hour ago, when I actually got to play with a Droid (actually, 3 hours ago; I spent 2 solid hours playing with the device)

    Comparing BB OS (even to Android 2.0 is sort of like comparing Windows 3.11 to Windows 7

    I will be purchasing the Droid next Friday (payday) at full retail. I would have purchased today, but even with throwing $250 of the device cost onto my bill; I still didn't QUITE have the cash to cover the remaining $320 or so.

    I think I will be over my BBM withdrawl relatively quickly.
    WOW so you really liked it that much? From the videos I've seen OS is def crazy sweet. The Moto Droid and HTC Eris just aren't really doing it for me though. Now the HTC HD2.... If that thing ever comes to Verizon we're gonna have issues hahahhaha!

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    idk idk what its for
    storm 9530
    whatever lyrics doing
    that hd2 phone looks sick where is when can i have it

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