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    9500 on AT&T Going Wacky

    I have a Storm 9500, I have had the Storm for just over a year now on AT&T.
    Just recently things gone totally crazy? All of the sudden my phone goes to GSM or SOS. I have made several battery pulls and some times it will correct the problem. I have even changed out the SIM Card.
    I was ruining 5.0.216 and thought that this might be the problem, i started having issues with emails, typing goes crazy. So a couple of days ago I changed the OS to 4.0.181 and things appeared to be OK, until the last couple od days, and today all I can get is GSM, the radio is set 2/3g?
    Has any one ever had this issue?

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    sunkast Guest
    I think it's carrier issues. I know both AT&T and Tmobile had issues recently.

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