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    95xx Themes

    First, let me start by saying that storm themes are REALLY hard to make. Also, I DO NOT own a 9500 device so most of the changes are made through user feedback. So if anyone notices any problems or if you want any small changes, please email me at lindasBBthemes@hotmail.com and I'll get started on it right away.

    Pink Butterflies
    95xx, 5.0 OS ONLY
    User selectable bottom dock icons.

    Pink Butterflies

    An update will be available as soon as I add some small changes, such as the ability to click on the home screen to view the app screen and a weather slot. BUT first I have to figure out how to do all that. You also may notice that the date and time are not perfectly centered, that is caused by a glitch in the program that will not let me customize the am/pm section for native BB fonts. I've encountered this glitch for my 8220 themes as well and after many hours of adjusting I still haven't seen any progress. So please be patient with me

    A big thank you to naillady_1 for BETA testing
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    Nice work Linda. Keep up the good work. Storm themes can be a nightmare at times
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    This is a very pretty theme. It's nice to see a theme geared towards us Ladies! Love all the overlays with color. Since I have no idea how to make themes, I have to say I'm very impressed with all the effort that Linda has put into this first theme! Looking forward to future updates! Keep up the great work!
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