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Thread: Berrydex 95xx

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    Berrydex 95xx

    Theme name: Berrydex
    Theme author: SadosDemetrios
    Theme credits: RIM, Pokemon
    Supported Device Model(s) and OS: 95xx devices

    Pokemon Edition :
    Download Link (Zen Slide): OTA Link
    Download Link (Zen Hidden today): OTA Link

    Blackberry Edition :
    Download Link (Hidden Today): OTA Link
    Download Link (Today): OTA Link

    Theme Cost: DONATIONS

    Ok here is a project long time in the making... not for everyone but a fun theme none the less. Below r a few preview pix from the original pokedex look.
    For now got the pokemon edition icons... hopefully soon will get the second set of icons.

    Hope everyone enjoys it and donations r always welcome..

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    wow a rare time no comments on a sados theme with such designs and amazing artistic quality.. lol i sound like his lawyer making a point hahah wot for you sados i like it still.. but has any 1 tried it is it 5.0 ready or is it working on hybrids?

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