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    **Zen5_0 Today** No White Bars

    **Zen5_0 Today**
    For those how asked for it. It is here. I decided to add a text background that can be displayed or hidden by touching the outside dots above the bottom docks. The reason behind this is because with some wallpapers it is hard to read the today area. With text background there is no eye strain to read the today area. Did I mention you can change the wallpaper and not worry about it being gone after a battery pull.

    Featuring new single or double dock option, (just touch the center dots to cycle icons).
    Options is hidden under battery meter.
    Clock is hidden under clock.
    Manage Connection is hidden under signal meter.
    Touch the dots in the middle of docks to bring the appropriate dock into view.
    Touch the dots on either side above the dock to hide and show background highlite.
    Transparent docks make any wallpaper come to life.
    A total of 14 customizable icons.
    Please check out my screenshots above.
    Zen icons.
    Tested on OS v5.0.328 and on Storm2.

    YouTube - Zen5 0 Today

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