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    Tips and Tricks - Wifi issue, BB Maps issue and more.

    I take no credit for this. This was copied and pasted from Crackberry. Their member HeartlessHero was the one who posted this over there.

    Here is a rundown of some tips learned so far in the forums since the Storm2's release. Feel free to add your own.

    How to fix Blackberry Maps

    -Download the following file and install it via the restore function in Blackberry Desktop Manager
    map settings.ipd (credit to theanswer3 ((at Crackberry)))

    Screen is too mushy or bouncy or anything else.
    -There is a torx screw visible with the battery cover removed, tightening or loosening it has an affect on the screen.

    Wifi is not White, only Grey
    -Resend your service books. This problem has been fixed by RIM and an update has been pushed.

    Battery door is loose or too tight. Try these solutions at your own risk!
    -Try to remove it, put the top in first, lay it down and press the side bottom down till it clicks.
    -Just need to bend the 2 little tabs on to upper part of the door slightly

    Only sure-type in portrait mode.

    -You can change to any keyboard type by pressing the BB Menu key and selecting from there.

    The application I installed is tiny with a keyboard I can't remove
    -Go into Options>Applications>Highlight Program>Menu>Disable Compatibility Mode. You may be unable to use the application anyways though if it does not support touch interface.

    How do I connect to a WPA/2 wireless connection?

    -Choose PSK and enter your key.

    What is my PRL and what is the latest?
    -To find out your PRL number press #4357*>SEND
    -As of now, the most current is 51611 (10/31/09)
    -A 65xxx PRL is a hybrid PRL, Hybrid PRL's are mainly for those customers who came over from basically looks for alltel towers before it does VZW's...but in another year or less all Alltel's towers will be VZW towers and vice versa...thats why doing a *228 update is a good idea while towers are constantly being updated...

    I have a Blue Checkmark next to Wi-Fi under manage connections.

    -Your blackberry has connected to the router but is unable to obtain an outgoing internet connection. Check your internet, router for mac filtering, and try restarting the router and reconnecting.

    Where can I download Bing? It wasn't preinstalled and it's not on their website.
    -You can download it here

    How do I select a set of messages to delete at once?
    -Use 2 fingers and touch each on the screen, one at the top of what you want to select, and the other at the bottom. You can then adjust as necessary. Same principle for Cut or Copy & Pasting.

    Battery draining too fast. How to improve?

    -Change mobile network to 1xEV instead of Global.
    -Turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off
    -Reduce screen brightness

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    Awesome thread... exactly the kind of thread I was hoping for with leaked OS instead of combining findings with fixes and having to dig through numerous pages to find any real fix. Have you found any new tips or tricks?

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