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    Nerd time! Pardon my nit-picking!
    The giga prefix really does mean 1 billion(10^9). However, computers use binary(0s and 1s), which means we always work in some variety of power of 2, not powers of 10.

    When a computer lists available space, they aren't showing you real gigabytes at all! They're actually showing you Gibibytes (Gigabinary Bytes or GiB). A Gibibyte is 2^30 bytes. So your card has 16 gigabytes, which corresponds to 14.8~14.9 gibibytes.
    So technically... It's not REALLY false advertising, just extremely misleading (and wholly dishonest).

    More here: Gibibyte - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Quote Originally Posted by larz View Post
    Thanks guys, I hate false advertising! but If this phone is up to it, I'll end up buying a 32gb card and dumping my entire music library onto it!:22:
    I'll do the same, haaha

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