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    Quote Originally Posted by Storm5150 View Post
    I'm thinking JLevy is really good luck, he speaks in code, opposite code, sources give him bum info that comes across as negative then a positive happens. Let's test my theory, J, let me know which numbers will "without a doubt" NOT be the powerball numbers for Saturday night.

    I'll report back Sunday and let you know if my theory is correct

    PS there's a Map for that :laugh2:
    F! that.... J, screw his lotto crap tell us that there is NO WAY THAT RIM WILL RELEASE THE BEST FU**IN BLACKBERRY THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN WITH A FLAWLESS OS AND GIGS UPON GIGS OF APP MEMORY!!! ....... oh and its a touchscreen / qwerty "hybrid" style!:hail::laugh2:
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    Hey, Drukan, good to see you still around!!

    Rookietrader - as far as Verizon not going crazy with marketing, they are playing it safe, so to say. They hyped up the first Storm so much and it was a complete and utter fail when it was released. They learned their lesson with this. I honestly would be surprised if we saw ANY commercial for it until it has been released for a week or two to get public feedback. Then I can see them going crazy with marketing if it is positive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rookietrader View Post
    ok enough picking on j...i convinced my sister to go ahead and get the storm1 today and was shocked to see a possible turn of events that the storm2 will be out oct 28. i dont get verizon because i havent seen the first ad...verizon marketing sucks. we got commercials with "droid" but no pics of it. i guess its not worth it to market the storm2. storm2 doesnt have ads but droid does....
    Why would you tell her to get the storm1 and not wait for the storm2.
    Bad sister

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