For the most part, VZW likes to keep their release dates on devices under wraps. It just makes sense. If you were a business and wanted to hype up your "Hardcore Blackberry Users," what would you do... tell them that the S2 is coming out in 3 weeks, or try to get them to buy a S1/Tour? This is just plain and simple good business sense... sell what you've got.

As for VZW employees, I can't say too much whether or not they're good or bad, but I am sure that a lot of them aren't quite as passionate as the individuals glued to BBOS (myself included)!! =P

Either way, I think that RIM definitely is heading in the right direction... whether or not VZW is marketing it like they were this time last year. Like I tell every "S1 Hater" I meet, it's not RIM's fault VZW wanted to launch the S1 prior to Christmas 2008. Ha.

So, I don't mind VZW not marketing the S2 and letting RIM do their own thing... I mean, it's what RIM does best... creep the market, right?