Vodafone to announce Storm 2.
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Thread: Vodafone to announce Storm 2.

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    Vodafone to announce Storm 2.

    Every day we read updates on possible release dates for the new upcoming and wanted Blackberry Storm 2. Rumors are flying around that possibly next week, the week after that, some time in November, before the 27th are all making headlines. Well here is another one to add. According to Guardian.Co vodafone will be announcing their Storm 2. What makes me really question the actual release of this device is a sentence from their article that reads

    " With the BlackBerry Storm 2, which will go on sale in Britain this week "

    Now after reading that, we now have "later this week" added to the rumored release dates for the Storm 2. This will make Vodafone to release this device first before Verizon which I know many of you Verizon users waiting do not want to happen. Now it is just a matter of waiting.

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    The sooner it releases for them the sooner it releases for us (other side of the pond)

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulwright1 View Post
    The sooner it releases for them the sooner it releases for us (other side of the pond)
    And the sooner all of us will be happy!

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