*LOL* I think old Sal must be the marketing director for the Odin project or something, he's REALLY trying hard to convince people they NEED this device. :laugh2: (j/k Sal)

That having been said, from what i've seen; the Storm 2 isn't really a must-have item for me. Much like the Tour, it's a device I look forward to seeing, and can't wait to try out in the store..... But in the end, it looks like the screen improvements are most useful for those who typically type in landscape mode with 2 thumbs. The multi-click really shines through for that use.

I, on the other hand, tend to be the type of user who is always typing in portrait mode with my right thumb only (usually while doing other things). Since my particular Storm clicks perfectly, it's very well suited for that use. With the 5.0 super hybrid running on it, it's all the phone I could ever ask for. So I don't think i'll be running out to buy a Storm 2.

That having been said, when my Storm gets to the point where it's seen better days, my new phone will likely be the Storm 2; since after it releases it'll be pointless to buy another Storm 1 and play the screen lottery again.