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    Still need help with Storm 2 Screen

    Last time im posting in here. I replaced my screen with a brand new digitizer, lcd and touch screen. When I put the battery in it lights up the whole screen plus the bottom buttons. WHen its fully on, it takes alot of pressure to push down and when i touch the screen mutltiple things highlight at once. The bottom buttons are unresposive. they light up but thats it. what do i do, how do i fix this

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    I believe there are a couple adjustment screws under the back cover that are for adjusting the screen. You may be able to tweak it a bit from there. HOWEVER... we are not technicians. If you do not want to risk breaking your device, take it to a technician so that they can look at it and fix it for you. We are not responsible for anything damaging that may happen to your device.

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