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    Storm 2 Screen problem

    So I tried to get under the screen to get the dust out, but all the adhesive tape got disturbed and now look at it!!!
    Storm 2 Screen problem-0407131520.jpgStorm 2 Screen problem-0407131519.jpg

    The Screen is not cracked, but the tape is enflamed. WHAT DO I DO!!!!
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    I'm not exactly sure how the design is for being able to work on the screen. It looks like you may need a new screen.

    You can purchase a new Storm 2 screen on Amazon here... Blackberry 9550 002/111 Storm 2 LCD Screen + touch digitizer + Repair tools: Explore similar items

    And watch the video below for how to replace the Storm 2 screen:

    [Mobile? Click Here for Video]

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