I have Storm 2 Vrizon Unlocked with OS
It was active with BES for past 1 Year on my Opeartos' NW. Sudently one in day, I stopped getting 'EDGE'.It became 'edge' & all my BES Corp emails, gmail. yahoo etc stopped working.
I called up my Opeartor who deleted myprofile in HLR & created a new profile. Still no SBs & 'edge'. My Call went to L2 support of RIM Canada who also ran some tests on my device but 'there is not even a blip on my system'was the verdict of RIM Canada. I was told to contact my Opeartor.
Now things got interesting. If I put my offfice colleagues SIM card who has BES from same opeartor as mine & a fiendswhose BES is from another opeartor, I get 'EDGE' on my handset. Also my SIM card in any other BB also gets 'EDGE'. But my SIM Card in my BB gives 'edge'.My opeator changed my SIM card but the 'edge' remains.
Now I have 3 options
1/Change my Opeartor & retain my cellno through number portability
2. Change my cell no with current oprator
3.Change my Handset

However I want you guys totellme a solution so I can don't use any options above but just go back in time when all was working well.