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    i could only imagine what the blackberry Storm 3 will

    Be like its not out yet but imagine this killer graphics a OS 6 starting out more memory and much more app memory wow sweet. I got the blackberry storm 2 which in my opionion is way better than any iphone. I got to wanting a BB storm since My nephew some time back had a BB storm 1. I ended up with a blackberry storm 2 . I had my choice of cell phone narrowed down between the htc hero and the BB storm 2 which picked the storm 2 which I'm glad

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    My favorite part of the Storm 2 is how easy it is to text on the surepress screen. Not a lot of people are fans of surepress, but it does make texting much easier than on a normal touchscreen device.

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    what i would like to see pop up for sale on ebay is the storm3 prototype 9570 with OS6
    The device RIM supposedly had Perfected Surepress on

    & Verizon said No never for sale

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