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    Using CDMA Phone 9550 on another carrier (MTCTouch Lebanon)

    I have purchased the Storm2 9550 and unlocked it to use it on the GSM network in MTCTouch Lebanon.
    I need help in a couple of things, but first of: my phone works perfectly (Calls, SMS) others not really.

    1- In Phone Options I dont have Call Wait/Call Forward, although if i remove my SIM Card and forward the calls and then re-insert my sim card into my Storm2 the calls are forwarded successfully. Call Wait works perfectly as well.

    2- MTCTouch doesnt have the service books for Storm2, I subscribed to the BIS but couldnt get it to work on my phone (I kept retrying to register my phone through the Host Routing Table but to no avail).
    Note that BIS works properly on my Storm1 9500 - i tried to restore the service books and still couldnt get it to work on my Storm2

    3- I cannot use WIFI to use the BlackBerry Messenger nor the Windows Live Messenger, nor Yahoo, etc... My wifi icon is grey and I read in the Tips and Tricks section that I need to resend my service books but I cannot due to issue number 2

    I know it is a lot to ask, but any help is MUCH apreciated

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    9550 Storm 2
    I am mobile right now of no one has helped by the time I'm at a pc I will. But look for a thread on our site called how to get browser MMS working on att. It works for all carriers.
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