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Thread: Bastard Child?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tank244 View Post
    First of all, you def have the wrong version. Uninstall the google maps you have then go to this link to install the correct one...


    It works great and no compatibility mode required. The GPS on the Storm 2 is much faster then the Storm 1...most likely because of software. I'm not sure the the harware is different than the Storm 1. Google Maps is very accurate and is 1000 times better than BB Maps. Try this before passing judgment. Google Maps is accurate between 2 to 6 meters. If GPS is unavailable then it will use cell phone triangulation.

    Give this a whirl. :-)
    I never got the storm version from . only the trackball version.
    but from is where my storm version come from....??
    If the first doesn't work for you then try the second. That what i had to do.
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