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    Review: Case-Mate "Barely There" for the Storm II 9550

    I have been waiting like many of us 9550 users for Incipo to release their feather version Storm II case. I was tired of having my Storm unprotected I went on a search for a similar case.

    This is when I came across the CaseMate Barely There case. It is very similar to the incipio feather, however different.

    -Very light
    -Adds minimal bulk
    -Fits snug
    -The edges where the screen is seem, for lack of a better description, are sharp (not rounded)
    -The cutouts for the side buttons are a bit big for my liking.

    While I do like the case very much, the edges stop it from being a top tier case. The Incipo and Seido cases always have a smooth rounded edge that I have come used to. Too bad for them they are taking forever to get these cases for the Storm II to market.
    All in all this is a good case, I would give it a B+ definitely better than nothing or the other cases I’ve tried.

    The screen protector that came with this case is one of the best I've ever used on a device. It covers the full screen, touch functionality works perfectly; even on the bottom keys. I'm very impressed.

    You can pick it up here for $19.99.
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