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    Quote Originally Posted by mg6035 View Post
    Uninstalled from the phone and reinstalled. Also uninstalled from the PC and reinstalled and still doesn't work. Every single time I get the "license acquisition failed" on the phone after it says completing transaction. Frustrating as hell. Still haven't heard anything from Verizon. It HAS to have something to do with the switch from the S1 to the S2 but it's beyond me.
    it could be a glitch in the OS with S2.. try calling vzw customer service and going to tech support option 3 i think

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    Rhapsody Issues

    I'm not sure it's just a Storm 2 problem. My Rhapsody-to-go was working just dandy on my Storm 1 when I had OS 4.7 or whatever the last revision number was. I started having the exact same problems when I upgraded to OS 5.0. It's like when I transfer new music to my media card, its licenses are good for only about 16 hours, then it says I can't play DRM protected music (stupid DRM!) I've deauthorized and reauthorized both the device memory and media card several times, un-and-reinstalled Rhapsody on the BB and the PC. Nothing works. I don't want to rollback to 4.7 though, because 5.0 is beautiful in every other way but this. Any info on known compatibility issues would be appreciated!

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