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I not only gave up waiting for Seidio, I am no longer going to wait for them to launch any Storm2 products. I chose the OtterBox Communter.

I find it laughable that Seidio can have Bold 9700 products out within a week of launch and still no word on te\he 9520/9550 products. I vote with my money and that speaks loud enough for me.
I bet you will really like the Otterbox better than the Seidio. The only thing about the Otterbox is the screen protector. It comes all the way down to cover the bottom buttons. I found out that mine didn't like the buttons covered. They wouldn't work randomly. I thought my phone was messed up so I took it off just to try it and no more issues. Verizon screen protectors don't cover the buttons so maybe they knew something. I just use them. I may try another brand that covers them if someone tells me one they have that work.