Item Description : (2)-8310, (1)-8300, (5)-8700
Price : 8300=$45, 8310=$50, 8700=$19
Rate it : 7 to 8 out of 10
What it comes with : Just the phone, no battery, cables or charger
Item location : Holly, MI USA
Shipping Details : Your choice
Payment Options : Paypal
Contact Info :

I was at the Oakland County auction to buy a car when a box of Curve's and 8700's came on the block. I needed a couple of extra phones for the kids so I bought the lot and I'm selling off the rest to pay for it.

All have been tested. All screens are great. No major cosmetic issues; they are just used. They are on the ATT network but I can get them unlocked for a couple dollars each.

Shipping is your preference. I'll just charge what it costs!