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    Decided to go with. Q5

    Hi decided to buy a Q5 my first keyboard BlackBerry phone, price was part of my choice also the keys are separate from each other, tried the Q10 nice but high price, as I intend to use phone for work a chance it my be damaged, when I saw a new unlocked Q5 on offer for £200/$320 bought it,
    After reading many reviews that were biased against BlackBerry, Q5 has a cheap build and flexes, sim/sd card flap loose likely to come open, keyboard loose keys, none of the mentioned faults found,actually it feels well built, and the size is right I have small hands, as it's my first keyboard I am on a Learning curve, the screen is big enough for my use, not into games or films, and is good quality even though it's not Amoled, I find the gap between screen /keyboard. Makes swiping easier than Q10 just my preference, lower powered processor was mentioned 1.2GHz instead of 1.5 GHz in Q10,it is quick and seamless and browser loads very quickly, cellular signal very good in low strength area no dropped calls and good quality, 4G ready out of the box, am running 3G+ DC 42Mbps on my carrier, 4G arriving at Christmas no extra charge, speed tested up to 18Mbps web pages load very fast, played a news video clip in the report and it was high quality , My Z10 even faster, Wi Fi connects quickly and maintains connection, Wi Fi hotspot/ NFC and Micro SD card, as 4.4GB available after set up, tune in radio app is vital for me and the speaker quality is ok
    The other complaint was built in battery, at 2180mAh it has staying power and it should last several years use if cared for by correct charging,
    I have eight year old Nokia battery still works well,. Two stand alone chargers came in box one, UK and one for Europe not clip on ones,plus head set and USB lead, and quick start guide, main camera has stabilisation /burst/ HDR and night mode, front camera is ok for Skype etc both very good for a budget phone? It comes with many features normally found in higher level phones, originally sold between £350/400. $560/640. It was not the best value for money but at £200/$320 stock is selling fast same as Z10 did at half price, would I recommend the Q5 yes, if you can buy at low price then its a bargain. Update. Battery life, set on 3G +DC with data off, receiving calls/texts it lasts for six days with 10% left, switched on data receiving E mails then two and half days with 10% left, I live in area with very strong signal, using Q5 to send out calls/texts and emails battery life reduced by length of calls only, new to actual keyboard it's taking a while to learn but predictive text helps, making less mistakes, I am now using Q5 instead of Z10 for communicating its I find easier as phone I now see why Qwerty keyboard is preferred ,will use Z10 for media mainly still a brilliant device, is the Q5 worth having defiantly and built in battery is not a negative as it lasts a long time, only original price was against it being a big seller.
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    Awesome and welcome! If the Q5 comes to the States, I will definitely have one too!
    BB then, now, forever!

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    Q5 is really a great choice i guess..

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