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    Whats so great?

    So my parents and I phones all broke at the same time. And my dad has an obession with blackberries so when the 3 of us went to upgrade with Virizon he was obessed with the new blackberry and upgraded all 3 of our lines to it. The salesman at the store and my dad were both raging at how its so amazing. And i have had a few friends in the past with other older Blackberries tell me the same thing how its the 2nd coming of phones. Well 5days into owning this new Q10 I can say I dont get it. Its a great phone the sound quality and memory storage are both amazing but what makes everyone cream their panties about this phone? Could anyone help explain to me why my new phone is the best thing ever that i just dont see?

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    It's mostly based on user experience so your mileage may vary.
    I don't have a Q10, but I suspect most of them love it because of the keyboard and the BlackBerry 10 interface. In comparison to an Android device for example you should be able to get things done quicker on the new BlackBerry, due to the way it flows and integrates with everything.

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