Sometimes performance issues can arise while using an app or game on your BlackBerry Priv device. If by first using the Force Stop and Clear Cache options don't help, you will next want to use the Clear Data option. Using this option will result in the application or game data being deleted permanently – this includes all local files, settings, accounts, databases, etc. associated with the app or game.
WARNING: Before using this option please ensure you make a record of any important information and backup any data you would like to retain from the specific app or game. Some apps or games may offer cloud based backup solutions so take advantage of those options before using the Clear Data option.

  1. Using two fingers, swipe down once from the top of the screen
  2. Tap the 'gear icon' followed by Apps
  3. Within All, tap on the app or game that may be causing stability issues
  4. Tap Clear Data followed by tapping OK