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    playbook is still best tablet

    As a playbook owner for over two years and because no 10" playbook is ever coming, I tried a surface rt tablet, it has some swipe gestures copied from playbook,its not the same, the only advantage is larger screen, it suffers from the same need of regular updates as windows laptops with the usual bugs, it suffers from wi fi disconnection and needs rebooting too often, a fix comes and all ok, next updates and more bugs, apps are limited and can not even side load Android apps, browser is not as fast and the playbook still looks and feels its a quality product, but for me the reason the playbook is the best is it always works never crashes or needs a reboot ( except after update ) and now over two years old, the battery still charges to 100% and lasts nearly the original runtime, the sad part is BlackBerry have all but cast the playbook adrift although said it will have minor maintenance updates hopefully the flash player included, will they keep their word on this I think after the playbook update to BB10 yes/no fiasco, they are on shaky ground with trust, after seeing video of BB Kyle's efforts to get BB10 on playbook BlackBerry should offer him a contract to do what they can't do, despite the bad marketing by BlackBerry the playbook even in its present state there is no 7" tablet to match it, why did BlackBerry not just upgrade a few components in the original playbook and put BB10 on it with a limited production run to test the sales ?, with BB10 on it should a winner, yes they have invested serious money so far but a few more dollars could see a playbook 2 a success and keep BlackBerry in the tablet sector as it will continue to expand leaving them behind their major rivals all with phones and tablets, but that takes someone with the right stuff to do it. Playbooks will continue for many years in the hands of owners who appreciate its the best.

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    Ik agree. PB still works fine for me.

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    Ik agree. PB still works fine for me.

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    I totally agree 100% with your comments that the PB works fine. In my case, it has complimented my 9780 quite well in the past and still does so now with my new, improved and fantastic Z10, although, to a lesser extent in functionality. In fact, my PB (or BlackBerry Tablet as I prefer to call it) offers much more comfort and ease-of-use than my fancy Z10 in some situations. However, it's really sad and unfortunate that Blackberry decided to abandon the “Play Book” and not sought to further develop the next BlackBerry Tablet 2.5, 3.0 or 4.0 with BB 10 support instead. For starters, I didn't think that BlackBerry (then RIM) was really serious about the PlayBook. The name itself spelt disaster from day one of its launch since no serious, reputable, business-focused company should have labeled a name such as “playbook” to their first and only tablet device. To make matters even worse, BlackBerry continued to simply treat it as a toy and entertainment device for young adults and not, instead, rename or focus on better marketing strategies and enhancements for the more serious users. I think that BlackBerry devices were (and still is so) designed primarily for business use, not just for play and casual use! Business and play don't always blend well unless carefully planned. That was probably just one of the major, fatal errors committed along with the many other problems facing Blackberry. Nevertheless, as a BlackBerry faithful, I can only wish now for the ultimate success of BB 10 despite the demise of this potentially useful yet ill-fated playbook / BB OS. The devil is in the fine but important detail that BlackBerry is yet failing to deal with effectively. I think that BlackBerry hasn't paid much attention then and even now with the issues plaguing BB 10 devices they are still not doing enough to build the best products. Two of the main components of success for Apple and Samsung have been attention to fine detail and providing the best user experience. BlackBerry may have dropped their solid bone of past success for a shadowy image of the future by simply sacrificing fine detail and rich quality for glitter, simplicity, complacency and carelessness. BlackBerry, please refocus and put some flesh on the new bone of BB 10 and Keep Moving faster, but seriously to reveal the true, great, user experience that we have all grown accustomed to.
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