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    audible on playbook (sorry)

    sorry if this has been covered before, I've had a drink and can't be expletive (deleted) to do a search ... (long day downloading APKs, converting to BARs and finding that they don't want to work)

    right I've got an audible account what I want to know is how to play the files on my playbook (current version of qnx)

    many thanks in advance


    PS the android 'Six Dice' app works, the android 'Free Movies' app works and the sudoku free also works ... so the day hasn't been a complete waste

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    Never used the service before. Is it something you can do right from the Browser?

    Also, you'll find that testing BAR files and finding ones that work is BIG task. lol Check out our list of working BAR files for PlayBook here... List Of Working PlayBook BAR Files

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