BlackBerry PlayBook owners: Five reasons not to be excited about the iPad Mini
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Thread: BlackBerry PlayBook owners: Five reasons not to be excited about the iPad Mini

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    Post BlackBerry PlayBook owners: Five reasons not to be excited about the iPad Mini

    A few weeks ago the rumors spread like a forest fire, Apple would be launching the iPad Mini. The rumor is no longer a rumor, it's real. Apple's jump into the smaller tablet space has millions of people excited, but here are some reasons not to be excited if you own a BlackBerry PlayBook.

    Same But Different.

    The iPad Mini offers the same options as the other iPads but is shrunken, or it is simply a bigger iPhone. The PlayBook is built on a new dynamic operating system named QNX, which RIM continues to refine. Even when the PlayBook gets the BlackBerry 10 OS update, the phone and tablet will be far from the same.

    Landscape it.

    One of the best features of the BlackBerry PlayBook is that the default and suggested use are in landscape format. Landscape allows for so much more space to work with when typing, or browsing the web.

    Small world.

    Even at about eight inches the iPad Mini is still not that Mini compared to the BlackBerry PlayBook at about seven inches. The PlayBook can fit just about anywhere. On multiple occasions I even had the PlayBook in my back pocket.

    No bridging together.

    What about those times where you have no wifi? With the BlackBerry PlayBook you have access to the web, even when the web is not available via wifi. BlackBerry Bridge is one of the key features the PlayBook offers.

    It's not a BlackBerry.

    Simply put, the Mini is no BlackBerry product. The facts are evident. BlackBerry products are built with a foundation of security and reliability. Most BlackBerry users would probably give up a few apps in exchange for security because that's what makes BlackBerry unique.

    It's a BlackBerry World.

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    Why we should be excited with playbook? where freeze pane menu for spreadsheet ? How RIM developer missed such critical menu

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    I havd owned a playbook for around 9 months and wouldnt dream of owning an ipad ,blackberry all the way for me )))

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    I was thinking about getting a ipad mini as a second tablet.......NOT!

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