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    Quote Originally Posted by Goku View Post
    Report this to RIM, because the PIN is vital to connecting to the NOC. If the PIN of the PlayBook is blacklisted and they initiate a security wipe, the PlayBook won't be able to download the software the OS. If the OS cannot be downloaded they are basically left with a brick. I believe you can do this via the standard customer service. Here is the information for RIM support.


    Let us know how it goes, we hope you get your PlayBook back.
    I send an email to RIM on Monday, just letting them know that my PB was stolen and if they get any information to send it to police. Get got back to me saying that they don't get any contact information and the only thing that they can do is brick the PB for me and hope that police will pick it up somewhere. So I send them email yesterday confirming that they can lock my PIN, it will be done today I think.

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    Glad to hear you contacted RIM, I had mine stolen in April and the insurance on my credit card that covered purchases for the first 3 months paid to replace it. Check to see if it was purchased with a credit card that carries purchase insurance. All they require is a police report number and information about the loss. RIM will block it and if you are lucky enough to get it back, then will un brick it for you. I didn't get mine back,but,it was replaced by insurance and someone now owns a brick.

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