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    An interesting 'ramble' but you are preaching to the converted. I love my PB and my Bold 9900. It's the unconverted that need to be convinced and I don't see that happening at the moment. It's not the 'vulture capitalists' who publish RIM's audited accounts nor make up the RIM sales figures both of which indicate cause for worry.
    At this point its a pretty tough job to convert someone to an OS 7 device, I normally point people to BB 10 as its completely new and refreshing.

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    you are absolutely right, rafiki, I am just amazed how media can create "feeding frenzies" over any product when marketing departments salt the pot for them. If a product isn't being flogged by every media outlet, tech site, etc, it is rarely heard of. I guess RIM was sorely lacking in the marketing aspect of bringing product to the masses. They have to grease the palms of the ones with access to the masses and the old regime at RIM were too little, too late to realize this. Or maybe, too arrogant. Who knows, but, hopefully with the new CMO in place we will see a different presentation of the BlackBerry product. Maybe the next feeding frenzy could be a BlackBerry.

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