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    Discuss: Developers Have More Protection Against Application Piracy With PlayBook OS 2.0.1

    Earlier this year Alec Saunders caused quite the stir when he mentioned that RIM was considering removing the ability to side-load. He quickly cleared things up with a blog post regarding the issue, explaining that RIM would be taking some steps to help minimize piracy. Earlier this week RIM's Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog posted some key points regarding the PlayBook OS 2.0.1 and its built-in protection for developers. The constant battle of piracy has plagued just about every developer and have left company's like RIM as their wits-end just trying to figure out how to combat it.

    For any company to say that its main goal is to eliminate piracy, is just plain silly. Unfortunately piracy is here to stay. However, they can do things to minimize piracy. RIM like other companies have developed ways that make it harder for users to pirate developers apps.

    With the PlayBook's OS 2.0.1 RIM has developed some application protection in hopes that it will slow down the steady stream of piracy. RIM has added a couple new features like the linking of BlackBerry ID's to backup files. This prevents the sharing of backup files between users. RIM has also added the encryption of backup files. RIM is taking the right steps to insure that developers get treated fairly. Make sure you head on over to the Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog for more information.
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