We have know for a while that RIM has been working on another version of the PlayBook, and that it would have 3G and 4G capabilities. Now more visual information has leaked regarding the 4G device. A user over at the crackberry forums recently released some pictures of what he claims is a PlayBook 4G device. We already know that with any leaked pictures a little skepticism is always there. You can see from the picture above that it shows where the SIM card would be placed. It may seem like a convenient location, but I can see some potential issues with cramming too much stuff in the loading area. Perhaps someplace on the sides may be a better fit.

In addition the PlayBook 4G depicted in these pictures appears to be running some sort of in-house OS version Another interesting thing to note here is that it appears as though there is a native BBM icon in one of the pictures. Does this mean it will come with an updated OS? More than likely the 4G PlayBook will have an updated OS to support the new mobile network features, but having native BBM is less than likely.

So when will we see this new PlayBook? That is something we do not know. There have been talks about it coming out sometime early this year, and even this month. RIM could also give us a surprise at BlackBerry World, and announce something there. Whatever the date may be there are plenty of people waiting on this device to be released. Do you plan on purchasing a PlayBook 3G or 4G model?