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Thread: Desktop Manager

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    Lol, I have so many usernames, passwords, emails. I really need to cut them down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pblakeney View Post
    I just don't get it.....

    RIM manufacturers the many...many...many models of BB phones which can when connected to DM sync with Outlook. Yet RIM who also manufacturers the PB can not sync with Outlook through DM. For those of us who do not have a Google account or wish not to sync through everything Google are then just left out. While still trying to support RIM and await the BB10 how can one justify holding on when current apps and support seem to fall way to more games being introduced to a supposed Business Ready Tablet. I know there are work arounds for this and some companies IT dept's have found ways to do this (mine has not found that path yet).

    Not being negitive just asking the question as we continue to wait for long mentioned issues not being addressed or at least some word on status for the next release for the PB whenever that is to happen.

    OK, I was venting just a little....
    I agree there are little things like this that always pop up. A big reason for this is because RIM is still adjusting to the QNX based OS.

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