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    Lightbulb This is the playbook as it should be (images inside) Fully filled playbook

    So i bought my playbook last week, and started reading into,,, how to sideload. android apps, signing bars and all the other fun things, rooting. so these are the apps running, Im from NL so there are alot of dutch apps..

    (the naruto sasuke images, is the android (loading image). it was to boring so i spiced it up)

    pulse !

    android market launched from mainscreen

    tech apps

    social apps


    mainscreen (nevermind videochat icon)

    kids games

    imaging apps

    android player Loading screen

    must have news reader

    crunchy roll loaded

    dj studio for anndroid

    android market, installed on mainscreen

    android and native games

    quake 3 / snes emulator. some android games and native games


    crunchy roll loading

    imdb, film (pmdb), srt player all a movie lover needs

    info apps (traffic etc)

    my apps (android market)

    tv guides

    news apps

    bottom right (system taskmanager, for apps within the android player)
    this is handy because like on the android devices, sometimes a FORCE shutdown is needed. not all is perfect
    most 80% of the time all apps work like a charm,

    android player overview

    google docs (google plus is workin aswell btw - so does linked in / twitter / fb for android


    utils (localbar) does not work anymor (install bars directly from pb)

    android market

    android market loading

    this beta os
    though, videochat is installed, it don't work... cannot connect to service, i was looking in to it, but was to busy with other fun things like the android market..

    Anyways.. The playbook is alot of fun.... and not as laggy as my samsung tablet 8.9
    so im very happy with it. and now its running all my favorite apps..

    i only mis skype (nl does not have netflix and hulu) so im happy with rtlxl and uitzendinggemist
    i do have the BARS for netflix and hulu.... but even if i get them to work, i can't use it anyways because i have no account, so fec it...

    About the market i dont know how the android markets writes app away on the playbook but some apps that are installed as bar can be updated directly from the market. but most can't (need to digg in to this)
    note: when a application is installed from the android market, it won't display as an icon on the playbook homescreen (outside the android player) because i have root access, i just visit the path where appworld stores the APK's convert them to BAR sign THEM and sideload them. but this is handy because, i can download whatever i want and the converting / sideloading progress takes up to 20 sec. because it can all be done over wii (ssh/winscp (to download), and ddpbinstaller to side (up) load) the converting signing depends on the size of the application. To do this (hmmms i would recommend just to look for (FREEWARE) bar files on the net. because in order to convert/sign, u need to: install blackberry sdk/webworks sdk/JDU /android sdk/ and hatax tools, then u need to register to get keys, and after that u need to use some commands to make use of the keys. Once this is done, all is easy)

    though i have about 124 BAR files that work on the playbook, and tested about 170, i looked around if i was able to share them (because they are freeware apps ) - excluding the native bought apps. but even though it is freeware, u are not allowed to redistribute them, if u don't have approval from the developer... sooooooo, can't do much about that.
    so please don't ask for the bars (google is ur friend)

    -- I have added these 2 pics:

    [ How to change android player initializing pics / startup pics ]
    u need to have root acces,, just visits (im doing this from my head, to lazy to start ssh/winscp) but i think it was
    root/apps/(someothermap)/, different on each playbook)/native/ (change the images there , and in the images folder) if u can't find it just search for splash-potrait.jpg via WINSCP (ull find it)

    (this is the original pic by a guy named ICHAN)

    if u wish to know what android app works and can be converted and what doesn't just look at the iCO's and search or them,
    i know they work. because the apps that gave (forced closure, all the time, i removed them from my tablet) so all displayed apps work like on my samsung tablet.

    -- If there is anybody with questions, i'am happy to answer them, and about the native games/apps (paid), just buy them..

    ow yeah i forgot to mention: About changing the android player loading image: If u create ur own.... the image should be 24 BIT, and saved as PNG, even though the images in the second folder are JPG images (they are not) they are renamed PNG's (ask rim why they did this i donno) so save them as PNG and rename them to JPG (for the second folder) in the first folder they already have the PNG extention
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    Nice, thanks for sharing your app adventure.

    I love the Pulse app, btw.

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    Very nice, a couple more weeks and many of this stuff will be mainstream.

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